Trailer, Mobile Home, or Manufactured Home?

Manufactured home exterior

What is the difference between a trailer, a mobile home, and a manufactured home? The word trailer dates back to the days when people were able to move the homes themselves. These trailers were much smaller than the homes of today, and people were able to move them with their car or pick-up truck. The average size of these trailers was about 8 feet wide and only about 45 feet long. The term "trailer" started to be phased out around the early 1960's when manufacturers began building larger homes. That is when the term "mobile home" came in.

A mobile home was a home that was built in a factory, then transported to a home site and set up on blocks. Buyers wanted more square footage and more options in their mobile homes. As a result of the added size and weight, the homes could no longer be transported by cars and pick-up trucks. They required larger, heavy duty trucks and experienced people to do the set up work.

Then, in 1976, the US Government stepped in and created standards in which mobile home manufacturers needed to follow during the building process. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) kept a watchful eye on these manufacturers to ensure that they were building a safe, solid, dependable home that would stand the test of time. It was after these standards came into effect that the homes were referred to as "manufactured homes", which is the term we use today.

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