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What is the difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home?

The term "Mobile Home" or "Trailer" is only used for homes that were manufactured in a factory prior to the year 1976. That is when the Federal Government set a number of standards in regards to the construction of the homes. The proper term for any factory built house that is built after 1976, and is based on a permanent steel beam structure is "Manufactured Home".


What does "HUD" home mean?


There are two basic types of manufactured homes. There are "HUD" homes and "Modular" homes. A HUD home is built in a factory and shipped to a location to be set up. It has permanent steel beam supports between the floor joists and the blocking to the ground. HUD homes are usually found in home communities like Bay View Heights. A modular home is also built in a factory, but does not have the permanent steel beams underneath. It comes with temporary steel beams that are used to transport the home, and then removed at the time of set up. Modular homes are usually set up on basements, and sometimes have garages attached.


What are the advantages of living in a mobile home or manufactured home?


There are several advantages to buying and living in a manufactured home. Probably the biggest advantage is cost. When a manufactured home is purchased in a community, the purchaser does not need to purchase the land (which is usually the most expensive part). The purchaser would buy the home and lease the land from the community. The lease fees involved are generally less expensive than the costs of purchasing the land. There is also a large difference in property taxes. A home located in a manufactured home community only pays property taxes on the value of the home, not the land. Therefore the monthly taxes will be much less than any other type of housing. Manufactured homes are perfect for anyone. Whether it�s someone just starting out on their own, or the buyers are on a fixed income, manufactured housing is a very affordable alternative to renting.


Another advantage is the wonderful sense of community that one gets in a manufactured home community. Our community is very friendly, safe, quiet, and clean. Our residents can take pride in their home and their home community.


What is a "monthly municipal parking permit fee"?


A monthly municipal parking permit fee is a term used to refer to taxes on a mobile home or manufactured home. In a mobile home park or a manufactured home community, each home is owned individually. However the community owns the land. Therefore, the park or community pays taxes on the land, and the home owner pays a monthly municipal parking fee on the home.


Can I move my home to another location if I want?


The answer is "Yes". However, it is very expensive to move a mobile or manufactured home. A professional mobile home mover would need to be contacted to do the work. Generally the mobile home mover is able to disconnect the utilities prior to removing the home from the site, but that is determined by the local building inspector.


The other aspect to consider in regards to moving a mobile home or manufactured home is the location to where it is going. For example, in Bay View Heights all homes that are brought into the community need to have a pitched shingled roof and vinyl siding. Most older mobile homes have flat metal roofs and metal siding. It is very important to check with the mobile home park or manufactured home community in which you are moving the home to ensure it will be allowed to be placed in that park.

Can I sell my home or does the park have to sell it for me?


Residents of Bay View Heights have three basic options if they choose to sell their mobile home or manufactured home. They can either:

Sell it themselves. The current owner is responsible for all lease fees, showings, advertising, and paperwork in regards to the sale.


List the home on consignment with Bay View Heights. The current owner would be responsible for all lease fees while the home is for sale. Bay View Heights would be responsible for all showings, paperwork, advertising, and financing. This only costs the current owner 8% of the sale price of the home.

Bay View Heights can buy the home from the current owner. This is used as a last resort. Depending on the status of Bay View�s current inventory, the park can sometimes buy the home from the current owner. That would free up the current owner from any payments in regards to lease fees, mortgage, utilities, etc. after the date of purchase.