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Bay View Heights & Home Sales Community

The Bay View Heights & Home Sales Manufactured Home Community offers an excellent opportunity for affordable mobile home ownership in a safe, clean, family oriented environment near Madison & Stoughton, Wisconsin. We offer some of the lowest lot rents among mobile home parks in Dane County. While some mobile home parks in Dane County and the Madison area charge well over $600, Bay View Heights & Home Sales' lot rent is still under $400 per month. In addition to low lot rents, we have some of the lowest taxes around. Because our mobile home park is located in the Town of Dunn, the average monthly tax per manufactured home is around $20!

In addition to low costs, we offer a very safe and clean environment. One of the most important things we do as a community is a comprehensive background check for every applicant to our mobile home park. Any person looking to move into Bay View Heights & Home Sales Manufactured Home Community must go through a full criminal and credit background check. If we feel an applicant could be a danger to anyone in our park, that person is denied residency. This is the best way to ensure the safety and security of our residents.

We take several measures to keep our children safe. To avoid children from having to walk home too far, there are multiple school bus drop off points within the park. Combine that with a 15 mph speed limit, and children stay very safe in Bay View Heights & Home Sales mobile home park. There is also a playground to give the kids something to do during the summer months.

One of the most exciting developments in the history of Bay View Heights & Home Sales Manufactured Home Community was the planning and development of a storm shelter. Bay View Heights & Home Sales worked very closely with the Town of Dunn for some time to have a storm shelter built in the park, and all of our hard work finally payed off. Through a combination of a land donation by Bay View Heights & Home Sales, monies from the Town of Dunn, and several grants from various government agencies, a severe storm shelter was being built within the mobile home park. The shelter was completed in November of 2010. This shelter provides a safe place for our residents to go during severe weather.